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April 11th, 2018 | News


JSI is pleased to support the What Women Want global advocacy campaign to engage more than 1 million women on issues related to their health.

On April 11, 2018—International Maternal Health and Rights Day—the White Ribbon Alliance and partners launched the campaign to hear from  women and girls what quality reproductive and maternal healthcare services means to them. The results of the What Women Want survey will help inform policies, programs, and services and build a movement that places women’s and girls’ experiences at the center of health care improvements.

Quality means different things to different people, and often women’s and girls’ voices aren’t counted when making policies or designing programs that are meant for them. By better understanding what quality means to women and girls, governments, funders, NGOs, and service providers will be better able to design and provide high-quality health care that meets women’s needs across their lifespan.

JSI has been focused on improving access to care and the quality of services for women and girls in the United States and around the world since our founding in 1978. Through its programs, JSI supports the strengthening and expansion of well-coordinated client-oriented maternal health services, and works to increase the ability of the public and private sectors to provide and finance such services. Learn about how JSI is fulfilling its commitments to the Every Woman Every Child global goals.

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