Improving Access to Family Planning Services #WCD2018

September 25th, 2018 | News


#WCD2018: Improving Access to Family Planning Services

When women are free to choose the timing and spacing of their pregnancies, everyone benefits. Access to family planning services helps break the cycle of poverty and puts families, communities, and countries on a stronger, more prosperous, and sustainable path.

On World Contraception Day, JSI is committed to expanding access to family planning by streamlining clinical services, expediting delivery of commodities, and helping governments and partners gather and use data to improve health system performance.

Reinvigorating Family Planning in Indonesia

Reliable, responsive supply chains deliver high-quality contraceptives when and where they are needed so that women have consistent access to a variety of options. Read more

Building a Model Municipality in Timor Leste

In a model municipality, well-trained health providers deliver high-quality family planning and maternal, newborn, and child health services in fully-equipped and people-friendly health facilities. Read more

In Rural Madagascar, Women Take Control of their Reproductive Health

In Tsaramandroso village, women visit a “health hut,” known locally as a toby, where community health volunteers provide counseling on family planning options, including condoms, birth control pills, injectables, and implants. Read more

Long-Acting Contraception Changes a Woman’s Life

With training made possible by JSI, midwife Vitorina provided family planning counseling to a mother in Timor-Leste’s Covalima Municipality and changed her views about health and wellbeing. Read more

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