JSI & Affiliates at the 2022 Global Health Supply Chain Summit in Dakar, Senegal

Reimagining Health Supply Chains and Systems for Equity, Resiliency, and Country Ownership

As countries around the world continue to respond to and look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, health supply chains and systems need to be transformed to overcome challenges in an integrated manner to ensure equitable access and local sustainability.

From sourcing and procurement to last-mile delivery, we have been at the forefront of efforts to manage supply chains through the pandemic and integrating those lessons into new ways of working.

Please join JSI, IAPHL, and our affiliates inSupply Health and John Snow Health Zambia LTD at this year’s Global Health Supply Chain Summit, November 30–December 2, to learn about our innovative approaches to building global health supply chains that can withstand shocks and disruptions.

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JSI and Affiliate Presentations (*presenters)

Wednesday, November 30

  • 3:15–4:30 pm GMT/10:15–11:30 am EST: Gender equity and social inclusion in global health supply chains: Opportunities and challenges
    Miranda Buba Atare (JSI),* Matiko Machagge (inSupply Health),* Taroub Faramand (WI-HER),* Nicole Danfakha (JSI), Track 6.1
  • 4:45-6:00 pm GMT / 11:45 am-1:00 pm EST: Enhancing the adoption of global guidance for iSC through an HCD approach
    Nicole Danfakha (JSI),* Choice Okoro (CHAI), Gamariel Simpungwe (JSH Zambia), Wendy Prosser (JSI), Brittany Thurston (ThinkPlace), Timoteo Chaluco (Village Reach), Swetha Srinath (Village Reach), Ladislav Cervenka (CHAI), Track 9.1
  • 4:45–6:00 pm GMT/11:45 am–1:00 pm EST: The Impact of IMPACT Teams in communities living in arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya
    Bernice Undisa,* Janet Makena, Peter Mwenda, Danielson Onyango, inSupply Health, Track 9.3
  • 4:45–6:00 pm GMT/11:45 am–1:00 pm EST: The effect of the electronic Logistic Management Information System on health services quality, Ethiopia
    Tadesse Alemu,* Sami Tewfik, Netsanet Nigussie, Rahel Yitbarek, Loko Bongassie, Tariku Bogale, JSI/USAID Digital Health Activity, Track 10.2

GHSC Summit Supply Chain Excellence Prize presentation

  • 1:30–2:45 pm GMT/8:30–9:45 am EST: Ethiopian Pharmaceuticals Supply Service Center of Excellence program implementation, achievements and lessons learned
    Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Service,* JSI, PICMA/Celsian Consulting, Track 1.1 (prize presentation)

Thursday, December 1

  • 1:30–2:45 pm GMT/8:30–9:45 am EST: Using Adaptive Learning to enhance the COVID-19 Vaccines Collaborative Supply Planning initiative in 15 countries
    Janet Makena (inSupply Health), Laila Akhlaghi (JSI),* Track 13.2
  • 1:30–2:45 pm GMT/8:30–9:45 am EST: Dashboard and scorecard mobile applications: Health facility adapted decision-making tools to motivate health providers in the use of their collected information to monitor health services and commodities
    Moussa Ly (JSI),* Steve Ollis (JSI), Gupta Lavanya (UNC), Leontine Gnassou (JSI), Fanor Joseph (JSI), Track 14.1
  • 1:30–2:45 pm GMT/8:30–9:45 am EST: Commodity security and considerations for new product introduction: A case of DMPA-SC in Kenya
    Matiko Machagge (inSupply Health),* Johnson Anyona (inSupply Health), Judith Anyona (inSupply Health), Carmit Keddem (JSI), Ebony Easley (JSI), Track 15.1