Ghana’s National Morning Show Highlights JSI’s Impact across the Country

April 20th, 2022 | News


Henry Nagai, JSI country representative in Ghana, and Margaret Crotty, president and CEO of JSI and World Education, recently spoke on a popular morning television show that reaches millions of Ghanaians about the organizations’ health and education efforts across the country.

In Ghana’s Western region, JSI has tripled the number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy to more than 18,000 of the estimated 24,000 people living with HIV. Working with the Ghana AIDS Commission and the Ghana Health Service, Henry and his team have also increased the number of people getting tested for HIV—a key UNAIDS objective—from 54% in September 2019 to over 95% within six months of intervention.

“In our communities, we have to deepen the understanding that there is treatment for HIV infection—there is no cure—but there is treatment, and you can live a normal life once you are on it,” said Henry.

Partnering closely with the Ministry of Education, World Education has supported more than 17,000 out-of-school girls across seven regions to return to formal school or participate in vocational training, depending on their goals and interests. For those interested in learning a vocation, World Education provides start-up capital and supports them with knowledge and training on how to manage a small business.

“One of the most important things is the community that [the girls] have among themselves. They now have a support group. And they go and they start doing things like advocating for clean water in their communities…Their health is better, they can take care of their children better, and they can bring income to their families, so there is a ripple effect,” said Margaret.

JSI and World Education are honored to partner with the Ministry of Education, the Ghana Health Service, Ghana AIDS Commission, civil society organizations with deep ties to communities, and many others to bring health and education services to people who need them.

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