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Expanding Access for Underserved Rural Communities

A red barn sits in a field of grain with an American flag draped over the front.Health care in rural communities is uniquely affected by great distances and demographic, economic, and structural characteristics that impede access and present challenges for quality and sustainability. To keep these fragile health systems viable, rural areas often rely on federal, state, and local programs to supplement and support their own innovative solutions. These programs work in consort with local communities and provider organizations to develop, sustain, and improve the rural delivery system.

We help underserved rural communities expand and sustain access to a full range of high-quality services. With a long history of fostering collaborative public-health oriented solutions in rural areas, we are well equipped to identify the underlying causes of rural access issues. We help to plan and implement projects that bring resources, organizations, and diverse interests together to achieve positive change at the community, provider, and programmatic levels. We also offer a depth of experience with quantitative and qualitative analysis, organizational restructuring, and direct assistance for programs that support rural areas.

Our expertise covers:

  • Needs assessment
  • Program participation
  • Program evaluation
  • Research
  • Operations/Performance improvement
  • Workforce recruitment and retention
  • Technology assessment
  • Facilitation


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