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Nutrition Programs to Reduce Hunger and Improve Lives

The evidence is clear: chronically malnourished children cannot grow, learn, and later earn and contribute as well as their well-nourished peers. Globally, undernutrition—both chronic and acute—causes nearly half of all deaths of children under five. That’s more than 3 million children a year. But the consequences extend well beyond childhood. In some places, 50 percent of pregnant women are anemic and likely to give birth to underweight babies, who are more vulnerable and at risk for later-life health complications.

We help strengthen food, health, and nutrition care systems so they can deliver high-quality information, supplies, and services. At the same time, we build the capacities of service providers, families, and individuals through behavior-centered approaches that result in sustainable nutrition outcomes.

We have pioneered multi-sectoral programming to mitigate the multiple underlying causes of malnutrition in all its forms. We provide technical support and promote collaboration across sectors to strengthen and sustain evidence-based programs that respond to local needs.

Our core areas of expertise include:

  • Maternal and child nutrition
  • Food security and emergency nutrition
  • Social and behavior change
  • Engaging the private sector


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