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Strengthening Health Systems for Affordable, Available and Universal Access to Health Care

Redemption Hospital, New KruTown, Monrovia, Liberia. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos

Universal health care can only be achieved through health systems that are capable of providing everyone with affordable and reliable access to a wide-range of health information, products, and services. This requires taking a systems approachworking across program and functional silos,  bridging supply and demand-side interventions, and engaging the private sector to enhance efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability of health systems. 

Health systems strengthening is at the nexus of what we do. With practice areas that span service delivery, financing, products and supply chains, data, information and technology, human resources, and leadership and governance, we leverage our core expertise to address the most pressing public health challenges. We cultivate innovation and scale high-impact practices to improve health care coverage for everyone.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality technical and managerial assistance to all sectors, at all levels of the health system, with demonstrated excellence implementing innovative programs across a wide range of public health areas including maternal, newborn, and child health; immunization; HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases; family planning and reproductive health; and nutrition. Our use of multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art development approaches is inclusive, tailored to the local context, and places communities, families, and individuals at the center of design and implementation, ultimately leading to improved livelihoods, enabled by healthier, more resilient systems.


Service Delivery
We advance people-centered healthcare by ensuring that individuals receive care that is respectful, appropriate, and responsive to their needs and preferences for health information, services, and products. We enhance quality of care, public health awareness and knowledge, data and technology use, organizational capacity, and the delivery of commodities to ultimately strengthen how services are delivered. Our depth and breadth across diverse public health areas and sectors allows us to bridge gaps between programs and systems to efficiently and effectively reach and ensure continuous, coordinated care for underserved populations.
Data and Information
JSI envisions a world with universal access to high-quality information generated from multiple, interoperated data sources, and use of that data to guide policy, improve resource allocation, enhance service delivery and improve overall health systems performance and harmonization. We use a collaborative approach to ensure that new digital systems and tools are user-centered and locally owned, and are in the background solving public health problems that remain in the foreground. We partner with the private sector to design, deliver and scale cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve information flow between different parts of the health system and customize them to suit local context and needs. Learn more.
Medical Products, Technologies, and Supply Chains
JSI is a global leader in optimizing supply chains to ensure reliable, uninterrupted availability of life-saving products to people who need them, when they need them, no matter where they live. We have a demonstrated understanding of the supply chain complexities marked by the public-private mix, architecture, governance, fragmentation, incentives, and regulation within and across the countries where we work. Our solutions strive to create an environment that enables well-functioning, resilient supply chain systems that will ensure universal access for all.  Learn more.
Advancing UHC requires health financing interventions that reduce catastrophic expenditures, use existing resources more efficiently and equitably, and mobilize new funding through taxation, out-of-pocket expenses, health insurance, and other means.
We work with policymakers, civil society, international organizations, donors, the private sector, and professional associations to build skills to improve governance, leverage public financial management, and prioritize investments in core health system functions for healthier citizens.
We develop approaches that meet people’s needs, promoting financial protection and equity in finance, increasing transparency and accountability to improve health system efficiency.
Governance and Stewardship
Stewardship over public health is a public sector responsibility, but the private and nonprofit sectors play important roles, as well. Strong leadership and good governance are critical components of a resilient health system. We work with organizations—from governments, the private sector, local NGOs, and health centers—to strengthen the responsibilities and relationships between health providers and users. We strengthen evidence-based, transparent policymaking, responsiveness to public health needs, responsible leadership to address public health priorities, as well as accountability and checks and balances for institutions. Learn more about our organizational capacity development approaches.
Private Sector Engagement
We help advance the role of the private sector in health to deliver affordable, reliable, and equitable access to life-saving health services and products. Learn more.
Community Health
We engage communities to help them advance and support programs that improve their overall health, taking into account the wider social determinants that affect health. Learn more.

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