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Our Behavior Initiative integrates behavioral thinking into everything we do. Moving beyond conventional approaches, we combine social, ecological, and behavioral applied sciences with innovations from marketing, design, tech, and other sectors, to help people live healthier lives.

Our 90+ behavior experts collaborate closely with practice area specialists who have the deep applied experience to make change happen. Since most of our staff are from the countries where they work, we design and implement for change locally while drawing on our global experience in over 100 countries.

We work alongside communities, governments, those often excluded from conversations, and others to ensure change efforts are people-centered. We do this by working with them to gather insights and co-create behavior-integrated strategies that spur people to action and ensure change that lasts.

Learn more about our approach in this summary, or contact Melinda McKay, Director of JSI’s Behavior Initiative.

Highlights from JSI’s most recent Behavior Effect Livecast. The full recording is available here.

What We Do

Behavior Integration

Behavior Integration defines outcomes as specific behaviors required to achieve a development goal. It ensures that behavior is considered along with technical and operational issues in every program element and phase. The result is programs that maximize resources and accelerate impact, achieving lasting results.

Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care (PCC) treats people as individuals and finds out what is important to them. Our PCC framework, grounded in behavioral science and applied experience, guides insights into preferences and motivations of the individual and examines each level of the system and service delivery context to transform outcomes.

Social and Behavior Change Communication

We integrate Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) across our work in areas including HIV and other infectious disease prevention and treatment, family planning, immunization, maternal and child health, nutrition, systems strengthening and resiliency, and digital health. We help governments, organizations and communities design and deliver communication that engages and spurs action.

Design Innovation

We use design to foster collaboration and co-creation for problem-solving at each step of the innovation process. Living Labs, Trials of Improved Practices, Innovation Challenges, and our goal to Democratize HCD are just a few ways in which we use design innovation as a spark, an ingredient, or an end-to-end process.

Measuring Change

Our experts work at the nexus of measurement and practice, exploring new approaches for shaping implementation strategies, achieving results, measuring change, and making data available in meaningful formats for decision makers.

Think | Big
Think | BIG
Behavior Integration Guidance

Think | BIG is a suite of tools and resources to help you apply Behavior Integration. This approach will help you to design and implement programs that define outcomes as specific behaviors required to achieve the development goal, ensuring that your strategy, project, and activity design are behavior-led, not intervention-driven.

Immunization Service Experience Toolkit
Immunization Service Experience Toolkit

This Toolkit guides country, regional, and global audiences through the components of a positive immunization service experience and how to improve service experience in the user’s contexts. Service experience plays an important role in establishing trust and confidence in the health system and influences the use of services by clients and caregivers.

Measuring SBC in Nutrition Programs
Measuring SBC in Nutrition Programs: A Guide for Evaluators

This guide supports implementing partners who are involved with conducting an evaluation of an activity that uses SBC to improve multi-sectoral nutrition outcomes. The document focuses on enhancing skills by highlighting the nuances of evaluating SBC approaches and walking through the eight steps to conduct a nutrition SBC evaluation.

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We are a passionate team of over 90 problem-solvers with diverse expertise; SBC, design, behavioral science, communications, social anthropology, private sector, education, and public health.



JSI integrates behavioral thinking into our projects around the world to explain, predict, and change the actions of people and systems.



Our Behavior Initiative is well-positioned to tackle complex challenges because of our diverse practice area leadership, deep local expertise, and full system view.

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