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American Indian & Alaska Native Health


Collaborating with Native Communities for Improved Health Outcomes

American Indian and Alaska Native people face profound health issues that are exacerbated by poverty and other detrimental effects of colonialism. Their communities experience starkly higher rates of disease and mortality than the American population as a whole. Efforts to improve their health status are complicated by their immense geographic, cultural, linguistic, social, and epidemiological diversity.

The ancestral traditional and cultural practices that they have passed down for generations have contributed to resiliency in the face of colonization and genocidal practices. In our work with American Indian and Alaska Native people and communities, we promote these practices as essential components of a holistic health approach. For more than 25 years, we have worked closely with rural and urban American Indian and Alaska Native communities to plan and implement health service initiatives.

Working collaboratively with American Indian and Alaska Native communities, we offer expertise in technical assistance, training, facilitation, evaluation, program planning, and other services to help overcome health service obstacles in sexual and reproductive health; HIV, HCV, substance use, and diabetes prevention; family planning; 638 feasibility; maternal and child health; and work with youth and LGBTQ+/Two Spirit populations.

Our guiding principle is to understand, respect, and support the distinct history and culture of each community.

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