Data Visualization and Improving User Experience in Drupal

March 26th, 2019 | News


Whether it’s an online journal, knowledge management platform, or non-profit site, charts can go a long way in improving user experience and helping make sense of complex data. The Charts module makes it easy for users of Drupal-based websites (which are common in the government, nonprofit, and educational sectors) to plot internal or external data without having to code.  This module, which is maintained by JSI, provides five charting libraries that users can pick between, helping them avoid vendor lock-in.

JSI’s Drupal Team Lead and Digital Strategist, Daniel Cothran, presented on Charts at Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp) 2019, the sixth annual event that brings together designers, developers, users, and evaluators of the open source Drupal content management software. He created this presentation to help developers and site builders understand how the Charts module works on the back end and how the module can accommodate various use-cases.

The Charts module is free for anyone to use. Daniel uses the Charts module to easily add data visualization to the websites he creates and manages for JSI projects. The recently launched Data Hub for TB-DIAH, which Daniel helped to create, relies heavily on the Charts module and other modules JSI supports.

JSI believes that open source software lifts all boats and is proud of its many contributions to open source products like Drupal.

Check out Daniel’s session:

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