Can We End Preventable Cervical Cancer Deaths?

March 5th, 2018 | News


Over 80% of people will be infected by HPV at some point in their life. While some types of HPV may not have any symptoms or visible signs, there are a few that can harm us and our loved ones. HPV-associated cancers, including cervical cancer and several other malignancies, take hundreds of thousands of lives every year, with 85 percent of these deaths occurring in low- and middle income countries.

The good news is that there are solutions. HPV vaccine protects women from the most dangerous strains that lead to approximately 70% of cases of cervical cancer in women worldwide. JSI joins the National Cancer Institute and organizations around the world to recognize HPV Awareness Day. The observance aims to promote awareness and education about HPV infection and the HPV-associated diseases that can be prevented through vaccination.

Here are some of the ways JSI is working to end preventable cervical cancer deaths:

Helping countries design and implement HPV vaccine introduction strategies

In Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe JSI is helping governments prepare to introduce the HPV vaccine into their routine immunization systems. JSI’s technical support includes developing introduction scale-up strategies and introduction grant applications; integrating the HPV vaccine into their country plans; strengthening partner coordination and engagement; contributing to comprehensive communication and social mobilization activities; and supporting cold chain readiness, among other activities.

Engaging stakeholders in Madagascar to support new vaccine introduction

JSI partnered with the Malagasy government and its inter-agency partners to introduce the HPV vaccine. Here are seven key lessons learned from JSI’s experience in Madagascar’s that can be used to engage stakeholders in HPV vaccine introduction.

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