Alcohol, Opioid, and Other Drug Misuse Prevention

JSI supports health promotion and prevention associated with substance misuse through state-level technical assistance centers, management information systems, public awareness campaigns, public and community health planning, and the collaboration of multiple community sectors.

JSI’s prevention activities follow the Strategic Prevention Framework of the U.S. Substance Use and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), engages schools, law enforcement, courts, businesses, primary care, and other community sectors in the five core facets of assessment, capacity-building, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

JSI also supports the implementation of several best practices in prevention, including Student Assistance Programs in schools, juvenile court diversion, screening and brief interventions in primary care, community forums, and youth and parent education programs, and community engagement frameworks.

JSI’s technical expertise in prevention includes program evaluation, risk behavior surveys, strategic planning, public awareness campaign development and implementation, public health and community engagement, and other technical assistance. JSI has also developed and maintained a service-to-science process for developing the evidence-base of community-developed prevention programs and initiatives.

Featured Projects

Healthy Start EPIC Center. JSI works with federally qualified health centers across the country to improve health outcomes for children. The project includes several initiatives including smoking cessation and preventing the use of substances such alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, opioids, and other drugs during pregnancy through the Center’s Alcohol and Substance Exposed Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. Target Substance (s): Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids, Other Drugs

JSI developed and hosts the Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center (RIPRC) on behalf of the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals to provide information exchange between the department and local substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion agencies and to serve as a resource for those agencies. Through the RIPRC, JSI provides training and technical assistance to the state and community-based substance abuse prevention service providers. JSI also supports prevention certification through training and certification support. Target Substance (s): Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids, Other Drugs

Washington Management Information System for Prevention. JSI has customized its Health-e-Link module-based data system to serve as the state of Washington's main data collection and reporting system for substance misuse prevention services and efforts. The system, developed for the Department of Social and Health Services, provides a multi-tiered approach to data collection for contract management, strategic prevention framework logic modeling, SAMHSA/CSAP reporting requirements, partner engagement, staff and coalition coordination tracking, evaluation, and communication functions for multiple funding sources, prevention activity types, and provider types. Target Substance (s): Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids, Other Drugs

JSI is conducting two environmental scans to support prevention efforts in Colorado. One scan is for a community health center in the Denver-metro area that received addition HRSA AIM funding to implement an opioid prevention and education program; another is being conducted on behalf of a local health department assess provider opioid prescribing patterns. Target Substance: Opioids

Using New Media to Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV for Populations at High Risk. JSI worked with New York state to create a greater awareness about substance use and mental health issues, particularly as they relate to HIV and AIDS. Target Substance (s): Opioids and Other Drugs


JSI developed and hosts the NH Center for Excellence Addressing Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse for the NH Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. Through the Center, JSI has maintained learning circles for student assistance program counselors; provides technical assistance and evaluation for the state’s public health networks for substance misuse prevention; and supports best practice implementation including but not limited to: 
  • SBIRT: Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment in community health centers to identify problem alcohol and drug use
  • Anyone.Anytime.NH. A statewide multimedia health communications campaign
  • Young Adults Needs Assessment: A Facebook-based survey of young adults in conjunction with a series of focus groups aimed at understanding the opioid epidemic and high risk use of alcohol and other drugs. Target Substance (s): Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids, Other Drugs