Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) modeling provides new information and ignites fresh perspectives on ways to use resources. JSI uses GIS software to assist in numerous international and U.S.-based projects to aid our clients in decisionmaking by identifying needs, exploring options, and modeling impacts.

JSI develops and incorporates mapping systems on projects, enabling us to take full advantage of spatial analysis and all accompanying information.

Further, to illustrate the impact of geography on health, JSI uses technical knowledge to implement practical solutions that serve our clients long-term goals, identify and share our impact, interact with data by integrating spatial analysis with other analysis establishing change and understanding the catalyst of that change, and to more effectively distribute commodity. GIS enables JSI to better allocate our resources and more effectively direct our activity.

Download one-page briefs on JSI's work in the field of GIS in Malawi, Tanzania, and the U.S.:

Analyzing Contraceptive Access and Use in Malawi

Using GIS to Optimize Delivery Systems in Tanzania

Health Center Service Area Analysis


Using Claims Data to Map and
Analyze Access to Care

GIS and the Legacy of JSI's Namesake, Dr. John Snow

During the cholera epidemic in the mid-1800s, Dr. John Snow worked tirelessly to determine the root of the disease. Going against the common medical consensus at the time, Snow argued that cholera was a bacteria contracted by direct contact. He made his theory after realizing certain neighborhoods had higher densities of infected residents than others had, and interviewed the area in attempt to establish a common and consistent point of contact.

Snow arrived at the conclusion that the Broad Street Pump was the source of exposure after sampling its water. He then proceeded to map infected individuals and their stable geographies, displaying clusters of the infection. Snow’s ability to illustrate the prevalence of the disease in relation to its geography influenced the city to shut down the pump, ending the epidemic.

John Snow’s innovative efforts to map health in order to better understand it revolutionized the public health field. John Snow, Inc., assuming the role of our namesake, is a global leader in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance analysis and effectiveness on our projects.