According to the 2010 census, older people are now a greater portion of the population than at any time since the government began keeping track, with those 65 years and older rising to account for 13 percent of the population over the past decade. The fastest growing group was those ages 65 to 69, up by a third since 2000. That group will expand even more rapidly in the decade to come, as baby boomers begin to turn 65.

For many years policy makers have been anticipating the impact of the aging baby boomer population in the United States. As the baby boomer generation ages, policy makers and citizens at large will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many contributions this cohort of older Americans has to offer. At the same time, the nation will have to adequately prepare for the impact that this demographic bulge of aging Americans will have on the demand for health care and long-term care services.

JSI is dedicated to assisting government agencies and health care providers in their efforts to answer the critical needs of older Americans. With an interdisciplinary, multifaceted approach – encompassing research, training, technical assistance and consumer education – JSI provides sophisticated expertise in solving the complex problems posed by an aging population.

To expand access to services – and enhance their quality – JSI has applied that expertise to a variety of projects, collaborating with community-based organizations. Further, JSI has aided in developing initiatives that promote healthy aging by means of exercise, nutrition, injury prevention and early intervention to mitigate chronic diseases. JSI also has extensive experience building new service models that integrate specialty and primary care provider services and in conducting comprehensive research studies on the physical and mental health needs of older adults.


View details: Developing a Website for the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative

Developing a Website for the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative

The website provides stakeholders across the state with an interactive platform to communicate, connect, and collaborate to promote healthy aging in Massachusetts.

View details: Community VNA Strategic Planning

Community VNA Strategic Planning

Community VNA, a Massachusetts home health agency, needs to respond to market changes triggered by federal and state health care reform. They are developing strategy options with JSI guidance.

View details: Vermont State Plan on Dementia

Vermont State Plan on Dementia

To improve services for individuals with Alzheimer's and related disorders, and to prepare for expected growth in the service needs of this population, the state engaged JSI to develop a strategic plan.

View details: Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness

Long Term Care Emergency Preparedness

JSI created an all-hazards emergency planning and response guide for Vermont’s long-term care facilities and consumers receiving long-term care services in the community under a contract with the Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living.

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