Project Impact

JSI works to achieve specific results for our clients - results that ultimately improve health systems, services, and, ultimately, people's lives.

These results highlight just a few of the projects where JSI has achieved impact in the United States and around the world.


Advancing Whole Person Care in California: JSI’s Impact on California’s 1115 Waiver
HIV surveillance data helped health departments improve the HIV care continuum.
In-depth Evaluation Helps Advance the Integration of Behavioral Health at Maine Health Clinics and Beyond
Increasing Breastfeeding Efforts through Data and Quality Improvement in the U.S.
JSI’s responsive tobacco-cessation resource center led the way for other tobacco helplines nationwide.
Rapid roll out of H1N1 influenza vaccine helped Massachusetts immunize 6.4 million residents.
Results of a long-term research study resulted in new regulations on life jacket wearing.