Evaluation of Vermont's Early Childhood Professional Development System

Dates: 2011-2012

State: Vermont

Client(s): Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, Inc.

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: State and Local Public Health

Professional development can enhance the qualifications, credentials, and abilities of the early childhood (EC) workforce, thereby supporting high quality EC programs. Seeking to better support the EC workforce in Vermont by improving access to and opportunities for professional development, Vermont's Building Bright Futures Council contracted with JSI in 2011 to conduct a review and evaluation of Vermont's early childhood professional development system (ECPDS).

JSI facilitated an advisory workgroup of stakeholders to guide the direction and decision-making for a participatory-focused review and evaluation process of the system, its offerings, and the system data elements. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies (environmental scan, system review, data inventory, key stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and a gap analysis) were used to profile the system, and to develop recommendations for improving the coordination, integration, and alignment of the system components, policies, and data elements. These activities culminated in 1) a final report on the system, its offerings, and the evaluation findings and recommendations; and 2) a monitoring and evaluation plan with associated data collection tools, recommended data points, and performance measures for continued monitoring and evaluation of the system.