Pueblo Community Health Center Market Analysis

Dates: 2011-2012

State: Colorado

Client(s): Pueblo Community Health Center

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Health Systems Transformation

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Primary Care, Safety Net, State and Local Public Health

Pueblo Community Health Center (PCHC) is a state of the art Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving Pueblo County and the surrounding areas. PCHC's mission is to provide primary health care to those in need. Although PCHC has continued to increase its service capacity over the past several years, considerable unmet need for health care services remains in PCHC's service area, particularly for low-income, vulnerable populations. Recent health care reform efforts have the potential to provide PCHC with additional opportunities to expand services and achieve its vision. However, PCHC would like to be deliberate in the course of action that it pursues to meet the primary health care needs in its service area, in order to maintain its ability to continue to provide a quality health care home to all its patients. PCHC, therefore, embarked on a demand and capacity analysis to provide a robust base for its strategic planning efforts as the organization moves into an era of health care reform.

PCHC contracted with JSI to conduct the demand and capacity analysis and facilitate PCHC's planning efforts. In order to inform the quantitative demand and capacity analysis, JSI conducted key informant interviews with PCHC's partners and focus groups with PCHC patients and non-patients in the service area. JSI also analyzed local, state and national health care trends and integrated the results of the demand and capacity analysis into a broad environmental scan that PCHC's Board and executive staff used as a basis for its strategic planning. The planning sessions resulted in a strategic plan that will enable PCHC to develop a sustainable plan for future growth and better position itself to meet the primary health care needs of residents in its service area that lack access to care.