Franklin New Hampshire Drug Free Communities Evaluation

Dates: 2013-2015

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): City of Franklin, NH

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Adolescent Health, Substance Use, Community Health Coalitions

The Franklin, NH, Mayor's Drug Task Force is in the fifth year of a five-year Drug Free Communities (DFC) project in which the community aims to develop a functional substance use prevention coalition. The coalition will facilitate the implementation of environmental strategies in the Franklin community to prevent the use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs among youth. JSI is providing evaluation services to the Task Force in support of the DFC initiative.

JSI's evaluation services included the facilitation of group processes to enhance the current program logic model and the development of data collection tools for program baseline measures and further assessment data collection. JSI has been responsible for coordinating, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all program evaluation data. The evaluation services were based on a community-based participatory approach in which community members were directly involved in all stages of the evaluation.

During this year, JSI will continue to provide the services described above. In addition, JSI will assist the Task Force in engaging the community and the coalitions’ partners by developing a series of Lunch ’n Learn presentations that utilize the data collected through annual evaluation initiatives.