Point of Dispensing Plans for Strafford County Public Health Network

Dates: 2011

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): Stafford County Health and Safety County

Service: Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Emergency Preparedness and Response, State and Local Public Health

Planning for an event in which dispensing of medication or vaccine to a large number of people in a short period of time is an essential component of planning for public health emergencies. In order to ensure that the Strafford County, New Hampshire, Public Health Region is prepared to meet the needs of its citizens in the case of such an event, the region contracted with JSI to develop a Points of Dispensing (POD) plan for the region in order to ensure that the region is prepared to stand up a regional response to a public health emergency and to meet the criteria for the region’s Technical Assistance Review.

JSI prepared one base plan that outlines the framework for the regional response and five POD-specific plans. Each POD-specific plan addresses the mechanics of POD operations, but is also a component of a coherent regional strategy to protect the population in response to a threat to public health. JSI worked closely with local fire departments, police departments, hospitals, VNAs, and other local organizations from each of the communities served in order to address logistical issues related to the POD plan. The POD plan address issues related to POD leadership, staffing, safety and security, inventory management, and communications with the public. As the Strafford County Public Health Region is the result of the recent merger of two smaller regions, the POD Plan’s regional response strategy serves as a model of regional coordination in the development of future emergency preparedness and response plans. JSI prepared the plan in coordination with statewide partners in order to ensure alignment with the state plan and to facilitate the sharing of resources in the event of a large scale emergency.