Evaluation of Colorado Children and Youth Juvenile Information Sharing

Dates: 2010-2012

State: Colorado

Client(s): Center for Network Development

Services: Health Information Technology, Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Adolescent Health, Health Information Technology, Integrated Care Models, State and Local Public Health

Public and private agencies working with youth and their families historically have experienced difficulties accessing information around juveniles in the justice system. To address this situation, Colorado's Division of Criminal Justice received funding from the Office of Justice Assistance to pilot an electronic system of cross-agency information sharing among agencies working with at-risk juveniles. The goal of the pilot project was to improve state and local agencies’ access to timely and reliable information to determine and coordinate appropriate services for children, youth, and families within the at-risk and juvenile justice community. The Division of Criminal Justice hired the Center for Network Development to facilitate and provide the technical assistance and administrative support for the project, and JSI was subcontracted to conduct the overall evaluation. The evaluation plan used both qualitative and quantitative methods to provide formative, process, and outcome assessment.