Colorado Medicaid Expansion Gap Analysis

Dates: 2010

State: Colorado

Client(s): CO Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Health Systems Transformation

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform

In 2009, the Colorado state legislature passed the Colorado Health Care Affordability Act (HB-1292), which will expand coverage to more than 100,000 uninsured Coloradoans over the next five years. The ultimate success of the Act is dependent on the degree to which newly eligible individuals enroll in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), and are linked with an appropriate source of care.

JSI collaborated with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to conduct an outreach assessment and gap analysis of existing and historic efforts to enroll eligible populations for Medicaid and CHP+. JSI's scope of work included a high-level literature review and key informants interviews. Although Colorado has a well established outreach and enrollment infrastructure, project findings revealed that current outreach efforts have an uneven reach across geographic and demographic groups, and that current Medicaid and CHP+ processes and requirements create barriers to effective outreach and enrollment services.

JSI has provided recommendations that will help the state maximize the impact of outreach and enrollment to the expansion populations. JSI's assessment and analysis will inform the development of outreach and marketing campaigns for the newly eligible expansion populations and the identification of populations and/or geographic areas that are not reached with the current outreach efforts.

Outreach Assessment and Gap Analysis for Medicaid and CHP+ Expansion Report


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