Indian Health Service Urban Indian Health Program Uniform Data System

Dates: 2014

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): Indian Health Services

Services: Health Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance, Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Health Information Technology, HIV & Infectious Diseases, Native American/American Indian Health Services, Primary Care

The Indian Health Service’s (IHS) Urban Indian Health Program (UIHP) seeks to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives by funding programs to provide culturally acceptable, accessible, affordable, accountable, and available health services to underserved urban off-reservation populations. The IHS is required by law to conduct an annual program review. JSI assists the UIHP in collecting and analyzing the Uniform Data Set (UDS) which provides a ‘snapshot’ of the activity supported by UIHP funded programs. The snapshot provided by the UDS shows the full activity of each program, including services provided, staffing, productivity, characteristics of individuals served, payor mix, and finances. The OUIHP and its programs invest a great deal of effort and resources into gathering high quality data to support the IHS internal decision making, extracting information to quantify and document its progress, and developing targeted research into the effectiveness of its programs.

JSI has been contracted since 2008 to collect, validate, analyze and disseminate the UDS. Services provided under the contract including instructor-led trainings with programs on reporting requirements, a helpline, 1:1 technical assistance and interpretation of UDS data, preparation of reference materials including a manual and fact sheets, and drafting of reports summarizing program performance.

As a result of the availability of comprehensive and timely data, UIHP programs demonstrate continuous improvement in program efficiency and effectiveness. Individual technical assistance is provided to every funded program to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

In parallel to this contract, JSI conducted an evaluation of the HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) Programs at UIHPs sites. UIHPs provide care and services to American Indians residing in urban areas across the United States. 15 UIHP sites were awarded funding to increase their outreach to American Indians and increase their utilization of HIV counseling, testing and referral services. The evaluation assessed the impact of this funding using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures.


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