2010 Sexuality Education Listening Tour

Dates: 2010-2014

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): Massachusetts DPH HIV/AIDS Bureau

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Health Systems Transformation

Technical Expertise: HIV & Infectious Diseases

In 2007, JSI conducted a "listening tour" with Massachusetts health educators to better understand what resources and support they need to teach sexuality education. This tour, organized in conjunction with the state's Department of Education and AIDS Advisory Panel, consisted of discussion groups held in five regions of the state. Once completed, JSI compiled a set of recommendations for state policymakers on how to support and overcome barriers to implementing effective sexuality education while at the same time meeting Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework guidelines and adhering to Department of Education's policies.

In 2011, in conjunction with the Department of Public Health's Office of HIV/AIDS, JSI held discussion groups with public school parents and students to better understand what parents want their children to learn, as well as what students are learning and want to learn as part of comprehensive sexuality education in school. This second "listening tour" yielded another set of recommendations for state policymakers. They, in turn, will use both sets of recommendations, along with other data and research results, to rewrite (or restructure) sexuality education curricula in public schools around the state.