IRH Research Project

Dates: 2008-2012

States: California, Massachusetts

Client(s): Georgetown University-Inst. Reproductive Health

Technical Expertise: Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Despite their efficacy and safety, the availability of fertility awareness-based family planning methods (FAM) is low in Title X clinics across the United States. JSI partnered with the Institute for Reproductive Health of Georgetown University (IRH) and the Center for Health Training (CHT) to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of integrating the Standard Days Method® (SDM) in Title X clinics. The SDM, or CycleBeads method, is an effective fertility-awareness tool that is feasible for programs to offer and integrate into family planning services. The study partner in Massachusetts is Health Quarters, Inc. Clinics located in Lawrence and Beverly serve as the study clinics. Utilizing study results, the partners will work with key stakeholders to design an approach to increase FAM availability and use more broadly through Title X programs.