Caritas Christi Health Care Community Benefit Needs Assessment

Dates: 2009

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): Caritas Christi Health Care, Inc.

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: State and Local Public Health

Caritas Christi Health Care is New England's largest community-based hospital network. Massachusetts law requires that all non-profit hospitals and health plans submit an annual Community Benefits Report that details the extent to which these institutions provide charity care and support community health activities in their service areas. As part of this requirement, hospitals are expected to conduct periodic community health needs assessments that clarify the leading health concerns, service gaps, and barriers to access for their patients.

In 2009, JSI was engaged by Caritas Christi Health Care, Inc. to assist them with their community health needs assessment for each of their Massachusetts-based hospitals. More specifically, the JSI Project Team compiled and analyzed secondary data drawn from existing federal, state, and local sources as well as analyzed primary data that Caritas Christi collected on their own through a survey administered to patients in clinic waiting rooms.

The goal of JSI's activities was to assist Caritas Christi to determine, in both quantitative and qualitative terms, the leading health concerns for patients in the primary service areas for each of Caritas Christi's hospitals.