Engaging Smokers in Cessation Through Financial Assistance Programs

Dates: 2010-2011

States: New Hampshire, Rhode Island

Client(s): American Legacy Foundation

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Substance Use

JSI was awarded a Small Innovative Grant from the American Legacy Foundation to engage low-income smokers in tobacco cessation via employment security and financial assistance programs. JSI collaborated with employment readiness and financial assistance programs in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

The project's goal was to connect low-income smokers with evidence-based cessation resources, specifically quitline counseling services and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) through channels not traditionally utilized by tobacco control programs. Specific objectives were to: 1) partner with community-based employment readiness and financial assistance programs to integrate proactive quitline referral into employment counseling and budget management counseling sessions, 2) increase individual smokers' motivation to quit smoking now by focusing on the immediate personal financial impacts of tobacco use, 3) connect low-income smokers to their state's quitline via proactive fax referral, and 4) disseminate information on the potential and feasibility of this approach to tobacco control programs nationwide.


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