Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Quality Assurance Monitoring

Dates: 2009

State: Vermont

Client(s): Vermont Department of Health

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Substance Use, State and Local Public Health, Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Certain segments of Vermont's population have some of the highest smoking rates in the state. The smoking rates for these groups are not decreasing, as they are for other smoking segments of the population.

The Vermont Department of Health, Tobacco Control Program contracted with JSI to conduct quality assurance monitoring and evaluation of its pilot Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy incentive program, operating in two of the state's district offices. The objective of the incentive program is to support and encourage quitting smoking early and throughout the pregnancy by recruiting women who smoke among the clients seeking WIC nutritional services.

JSI conducted quality assurance monitoring and evaluation activities over the course of six months. These activities consisted of site visits, key informant interviews, a literature review and analysis of the Pregnancy Smoking Cessation Program (PSCP) data base. JSI study findings are presented in the final report.


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