Needs Assessment of Grandparent Caregivers in Dona Ana County, New Mexico

Dates: 2007-2008

State: New Mexico

Client(s): City of Las Cruces, NM

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Applied Research & Evaluation, Training & Technical Assistance, Health Systems Transformation

Technical Expertise: Aging

More than 2.4 million grandparents in the US are raising 4.5 million children - numbers that have risen steadily since the 1970s. Geographically, the southern states of the US have the highest rates of grandparent co-residents and grandparents who are responsible for raising their grandchildren. In 2004, the New Mexico State Legislature awarded funds to the Housing Authority of the City of Las Cruces to provide housing options for grandparents and other caregivers raising children (GRCs). To help develop appropriate and effective services to meet the needs of grandparents raising grandchildren, the City of Las Cruces contracted with JSI in 2007 to conduct a comprehensive housing and social services needs assessment in Doña Ana County, NM.

Working with the Housing Authority of the City of Las Cruces, the City of Las Cruces Senior Programs, and the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Housing Study Committee, JSI surveyed over 100 grandparents raising grandchildren in the county. The results of the survey and the needs assessment were presented to local government officials and community service providers in February 2008.


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