South Boston CHC Strategic Planning

Dates: 2007-2008

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): South Boston Community Health Center

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

JSI assisted South Boston Community Health Center (SBCHC) in updating the health center's strategic plan at a time when many communities within South Boston were undergoing rapid and significant demographic and socio-economic changes. Some parts of SBCHC's service area were experiencing gentrification while others were seeing important changes in the ethnic composition of residents. SBCHC needed to assess the potential impact of these changes on the health center and use the information to update its strategic plan.

Key questions addressed in the project were:

1. Who did SBCHC currently serve (by geography and demographics)? Had the patient population evolved in the previous 3-5 years?
2. What demographic, socio-economic and real estate trends were occurring in South Boston? Were they different in different parts of the community? Were they likely to continue?
3. What were the implications of these trends for SBCHC? Was the health center likely to retain its current patient mix? Did the trends offer new opportunities for SBCHC?
4. What would the implications be for SBCHC's historic mission and long term viability if new opportunities were, or were not, pursued?