National Health Service Corps UDS Data Collection and Management

Dates: 2005-2009

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): Bureau of Clinician Recruitment Services, HRSA - BPH & Health Professions

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Health Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance, Health Systems Transformation

Technical Expertise: State and Local Public Health, Health Information Technology


Since 1999, JSI has been contracted by HRSA's National Health Service Corps to develop and implement an automated process for collecting, validating, and disseminating Uniform Data System (UDS) information from all non-federally funded provider placement sites across the country. The information was collected from over 1,500 health care delivery sites located in underserved inner-city urban and remote rural locations. The data describe these 'safety net' providers in terms of the nature and quantity of their services, the demographics of the population being served, their staffing profile, and their financial profile including payor mix, collections, sources of revenue, expenses, and managed care participation. JSI managed the process from developing the reporting specifications, through training the sites, collecting and validating the information, and the production of reports and other tools for disseminating the results. JSI operated a similar project for organizations receiving federal Community Health Center grant support as well.