Health Professional Shortage Designation Technical Process Webinar Series

Dates: 2017

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): Health Research, Inc.

Services: Applied Research & Evaluation, Policy Development & Implementation

Technical Expertise: Primary Care, Safety Net, State and Local Public Health


JSI developed and presented a series of national webinars on key technical processes related to the use of data in the federal Health Professional Shortage Designation process.

The content of these trainings was based on JSI's lengthy history of analyzing and applying a wide range of data resources to the issues of provider capacity and shortage analysis, spanning many states as well as federal policy development. The trainings were targeted at Primary Care Offices personnel, who are tasked with managing the designation process, and focused on areas where the federal guidelines do not offer clear processes for merging data resources with federal requirements.

The series consisted of three live webinars, which were recorded and made available for replay. The first two one-hour webinars focused on the process for analyzing primary care Medicaid claims data and converting it into measurable provider capacity - with the first focusing on the process and the second being a 'workshop' format with a 'sample' database that participants could work on. The third webinar was focused on the process of merging the information from various data resources (license, survey, claims, NPI, etc.) with the information in the newly developed Shortage Designation Management System, and building statewide 'upload' files that allow bulk updates to provider data.

The series was developed at the request of the Center for Health Workforce Studies, as part of their Cooperative Agreement with the National Center for Health Workforce Studies / Bureau of Health Workforce.