Family Planning Data System

Dates: 2017-2018

States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Client(s): Office of Population Affairs

Services: Health Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Health Information Technology


Family planning service providers see clients on a daily basis and are responsible for collecting family planning program data in their electronic medical records systems (EMRs) for each client that they see. JSI is responsible for the availability and ongoing operation of the Region I Title X Family Planning Data System (FPDS). The FPDS reduces the burden of program-based data collection and reporting for all project participants including grantees, their sub-recipients, and clinical sites. The FPDS provides data collection, data analysis, and reporting capabilities to Title X grantees and their participating healthcare providers across the six New England States.

Once collected, family planning data is subsequently extracted from the EMR systems and is sent to the FPDS for processing. Data from all 10 grantees, 60+ sub-recipients, and 200+ clinical sites is processed. Reports and analytics are available to the Office of Population Affairs, grantees, sub-recipients, and clinical sites for grant-based reporting as well as local administrative and management needs. Reports available to system users include OPA Family Planning Annual Report (FPAR) requirements, reports for state-based and local needs, and ad-hoc query and data analytics for custom data analytics and reporting needs.