Vermont Tobacco Control Program Evaluation Services

Dates: 2018-2017

State: Vermont

Client(s): Vermont Department of Health

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: State and Local Public Health, Chronic Disease Management

Despite laudable efforts and success in reducing tobacco use and its associated burden in Vermont over past decades, tobacco use remains considerable. Currently, about 17% or 78,000 adults smoke cigarettes and significant disparities in tobacco use and burden exist among Vermonters (e.g., individuals with lower education and income levels, mental health and substance abuse issues; pregnant; racial and ethnic minorities). The Vermont Tobacco Control Program (VTCP) implements a multi-component approach of state and community interventions, mass-reach health communication interventions, cessation interventions, surveillance and evaluation initiatives, and infrastructure, administration, and management capacity to advance tobacco prevention and control in Vermont).

Program evaluation is a core component of the VTCP and a requirement of their CDC cooperative agreement. The VTCP has contracted with JSI since 2015 to provide evaluation, planning and technical assistance services. Guided by the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation and the socio-ecological model, JSI involves VTCP staff and stakeholders throughout all phases of the evaluation planning, implementation, and reporting activities. JSI lead development of the VTCP’s 5-year strategic evaluation plan and the Vermont Tobacco Control State Plan, 2015 – 2020.

Under the current contracted scope of work for 2016 – 2017, JSI is providing:

  • Evaluation services for the VTCP’s Medicaid cessation benefit and promotion initiative, including ongoing monitoring of provider utilization of the cessation counseling benefit and an analytic plan for a descriptive analysis of Medicaid beneficiary use of the cessation counseling and NRT benefit via Medicaid claims data;
  • Evaluation services for the VTCP’s point-of-sale efforts with community coalitions and their CounterBalance media campaign;
  • Technical assistance and evaluation planning for VTCP’s social marketing campaign targeting Vermont youth that affiliate with the country peer crowd; and
  • Developing an annual evaluation report for the program and an updated evaluation work plan.


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