Washington State Substance Use Disorder Prevention Management Information System

Dates: 2017-2018

State: Washington

Client(s): Washington DSHS

Service: Health Information Technology

Technical Expertise: Health Information Technology, Substance Use

The Washington Department of Social and Human Services recently recognized the need to strengthen their capacity and streamline their addiction services program of care through technology. They turned to JSI to upgrade their systems and construct a web-based data system for its substance use disorder prevention program.

JSI customized its HealtheLink module-based data system to serve as the state's main data collection and reporting system for substance misuse prevention services and efforts.

The system is used by direct service providers, community coalitions, schools, counties and other stakeholders to report program utilization including direct service participant demographics, track partnership participation, report environmental strategies, track staff and volunteer hours, maintain membership lists, enter evaluation data, and record expenses against budget allocations from multiple funders among other functions. The web-accessible data system is user-friendly, intuitive, and allows for multiple levels of users and permissions. The unique data system allow for dashboards and reports to be generated for different funders and audiences and to serve multiple quality improvement efforts.