New England Training Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Dates: 2008-2009

State: Connecticut

Client(s): CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Applied Research & Evaluation, Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Family Planning & Reproductive Health, HIV & Infectious Diseases


The New England Training Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (NETCAPP), funded by the CDC, assists local, state and regional organizations in creating the infrastructure and capacity required to incorporate evidence-based methodology into their efforts to reduce unintended teen pregnancy, STIs and HIV infection.

Within a five year cooperative agreement with the CDC, JSI worked with key stakeholders to increase collaboration and coalition-building, with the explicit aim of establishing culturally-competent model access points instituting best practices. The anticipated success of these sites facilitated replication in targeted rural, urban, and mixed communities.

Facilities' focused on serving ethnically and racially diverse communities from a culturally centered standpoint have the best chance of connecting with a client base unreachable by other means, particularly those who are suspicious of imposed solutions.

The partnership of local and national experts translating science-based findings into user-friendly, meaningful - even novel - programs and strategies serves to increase essential life-skills development and health risk awareness. Delivery methods include multiple formats and diverse media.