UDS Data System

Dates: 2007-2009

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): HRSA

Services: Health Information Technology, Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Health Information Technology, Primary Care, Safety Net

The Health Services Resource and Services Administration (HRSA), Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) funds over 1200 community health centers to provide comprehensive services to vulnerable and underserved populations. The Uniform Data Set (UDS) is used by the BPHC and funded agencies to monitor and improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of health services provided to vulnerable populations. UDS data permits the BPHC to obtain an annual ‘snapshot’ of these federally supported programs including services provided, staffing, productivity, characteristics of individuals served, payor mix, and finances.

JSI has assisted the BPHC since 1999 in the collection, validation and analysis of the UDS. The specific activities performed under this contract and how they contribute to the overall accuracy and timeliness of the BPHC data reporting include:

• Technical Assistance and Training: JSI conducts over 42 annual, instructor led trainings to train program staff in the correct reporting and interpretation of UDS data to support program decision-making. Annually, over 2,000 attendees participate in 1 to 2 day trainings, nationwide. In addition, JSI provides online trainings including pre-recorded training modules and webinars; operates a helpline; and drafts and disseminates reference materials including a manual and fact sheets.

• Data Collection and Validation: JSI provides expert staff to review every UDS report for accuracy completeness and consistency. JSI reviewers work 1:1 with programs to ensure the integrity of the data. JSI is responsible for the accuracy of the final data set.

• Data Analysis: The UDS data are comprehensive and complex. Having access to the data alone is not enough. JSI provides expert analysis and interpretation of the UDS data. In addition, JSI staff supports GIS mapping of patient origin data and performs service area overlap analyses. JSI provides expert input into the ongoing development interpretation of UDS data and trends.

The availability of high quality, comprehensive financial and clinical data about the program has helped to make this HRSA program one of the Government's most 'Highly Effective' programs under the Government Performance Review Act (GPRA) requirements.