Rhode Island HIV Quality Management Project

Dates: 2004-2011

State: Rhode Island

Client(s): Rhode Island Department of Health

Service: Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: HIV & Infectious Diseases

To maximize the life-saving impact of antiretroviral treatment for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, it is essential that the delivery of HIV care be consistent with current Public Health Service guidelines. Consumers of HIV treatment as well as support services should receive services that adhere to standards of care across the HIV/AIDS services network. To achieve this goal, HRSA/HAB requires development and implementation of a Quality Management (QM) Plan by all Ryan White (RW) Program grantees. From 2004-2011, JSI provided technical assistance to the RI Department of Health’s Office of HIV/AIDS and RW funded providers on implementation of HIV QM activities.

JSI, in collaboration with RW providers and HEALTH, facilitated the development of Standards of Care, identification of quality measures, and collection of data for the purpose of assessing implementation of care standards. In addition to building data tracking systems for providers and HEALTH, JSI provided feedback on QM findings, including identification of opportunities for quality improvement. Technical assistance was also provided to HEALTH to build its capacity to assess the quality of care at the system level with particular emphasis on opportunities to enhance coordination of care, improve access to services and identify unmet need.