Assessing Western and Central New York Primary Care Safety-Net

Dates: 2013-2014

State: New York

Client(s): Health Foundation of Western and Central NY

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: Primary Care, Rural Health, Safety Net

Timely and accessible quality primary care is a continuing challenge for rural and at-risk urban families in western and central New York, and provider capacity may be further stretched with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

JSI has conducted an assessment to help the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York improve the current primary care safety-net and vulnerable families' access to it. The assessment, which was conducted in eight counties in western and eight in central New York, includes interviews with key players in the safety-net, development of county data snapshots of health status and safety-net capacity, and an assessment of consumer experience through a survey of potential safety-net users. JSI also assessed provider capacity and analyzed its ability to meet future needs for primary care demand.

Findings from the consumer survey and interviews with key safety-net providers inform recommendations to the foundation in the areas of strengthening and growing the safety-net, improving access and quality, and reducing dependency on emergency departments. The results have been presented to a group of community stakeholders.

This assessment follows similar work completed by JSI for the foundation in 2007 and will inform and guide future initiatives to enhance and strengthen the safety-net, leading to improved services for vulnerable children and their families.