Data Sharing to Support Care Coordination and Integration in Medicaid

Dates: 2013

State: Colorado

Client(s): CO Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing

Services: Health Care & Public Health Planning, Health Information Technology, Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Health Information Technology, Integrated Care Models, Primary Care, Safety Net

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing has implemented an innovative Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) model to facilitate the achievement of the Triple Aim for Colorado’s Medicaid population. The ACC has three fundamental components: primary care medical providers (PCMPs), regional care collaborative organizations (RCCOs), and a statewide data analytics coordinator that work together to coordinate care. As the ACC model matures, the Department is interested in exploring how data can be shared with providers beyond the PCMPs and RCCOs to further facilitate care coordination and integration.

The Department contracted with JSI to determine the types of data that long-term services and support, behavioral health and specialist providers need to improve client care, integrate behavioral and physical health care and facilitate care coordination. JSI also assessed the capability of the Department to provide the data needed for these purposes and identified key components that were needed in a data sharing policy.

JSI's work for the project included conducting interviews with Department staff and the identified provider groups, conducting a gap analysis based on the findings, and making recommendations regarding data sharing procedures.