Engaging Latino Youth in Environmental Awareness and Action

Dates: 2012-2013

State: Massachusetts

Client(s): Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Service: Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Expertise: Healthy Communities, Environmental Health, Health Disparities

Lawrence is an old industrial mill town founded in 1853 on the banks of the Merrimack River in northern Massachusetts. The city suffers disproportionately from environmental factors that affect health in both indoor and outdoor environments than wealthier communities on its borders.

Latino Youth Lead Environmental Awareness and Action was a collaboration between the JSI and the Centro de Apoyo Familiar/Center for Assistance to Families (CAF) in Lawrence to engage and train youth from Latino churches to build their capacity to take a leadership role in conducting environmental education programs among church members on toxic exposures in the home that affect health. The project built on the skills of a set of smart and talented youth eager to make a difference in improving environmental conditions in their homes and community.

The project was built on a prior successful joint JSI/CAF Healthy Communities project Casas Sanas, NiƱos Sanos: Healthy Homes, Healthy Children.