Denver Health School-based Health Center and Community Health Center Demand Analysis

Dates: 2012-2013

State: Colorado

Client(s): Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA)

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: Safety Net

Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s Community Health Services (DCHS) is the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in Colorado and one of the largest community health center networks in the country. Denver Community Health Services serves 1 of 5 Denver residents and 35% of Denver’s children. It is the safety-net provider in the city and county of Denver.

DCHS hired JSI to conduct a demand analysis of its school-based and community health centers to help DCHS understand any changes in its patient population due to normal variations and Medicaid expansion. As part of this project, JSI compared the demographics of DCHS patients to the population who lives in the clinics’ service areas. Using Geographic Information System (GIS), JSI visually showed location of school and community health center patients and their distance from the clinic sites. JSI then determined how Denver Health's target population for school-based health centers and community health centers might change over the next five years and examined the demand for new sites based on this assessment.

DCHS will use JSI's recommendations in their internal strategic planning processes.