2012 Colorado Comprehensive HIV Testing Plan

Dates: 2012

State: Colorado

Client(s): Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: HIV & Infectious Diseases, Primary Care

In an effort to align Colorado HIV testing guidelines with national guidelines and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) contracted JSI to create the 2012 Colorado Comprehensive HIV Testing Plan and Guidance. The goal of the project was to develop a comprehensive HIV testing plan that would serve as guidance to providers throughout Colorado using a process that was participatory (including as many stakeholders as possible) and comprehensive (incorporating data from a range of relevant sources).

The initial step was to engage an HIV expert panel with both clinical and non-clinical representation to help shape the recommendations included in this plan. JSI held three 4-hour meetings with the expert panel in March and April 2012.

Based on these expert panel meetings, and review of secondary data sources, in May 2012, JSI staff developed a draft comprehensive HIV Testing Plan and Guidance for key stakeholders at the CDPHE to review and make recommendations for the final draft version. This final draft was then reviewed by the HIV panel, as well as numerous clinical and non-clinical providers across Colorado that were not part of the expert panel. Comments were then discussed with CDPHE and the HIV Testing Plan and Guidance was completed in July 2012.