Caring for Colorado - Safety Net Clinic Sustainability

Dates: 2011-2012

State: Colorado

Client(s): Caring for Colorado Foundation

Service: Health Care & Public Health Planning

Technical Expertise: Health Care Reform, Primary Care, Rural Health, Safety Net

Many safety net providers need capacity building assistance in order to serve their communities in an era of health care reform. The Caring for Colorado Foundation, a health grantmaking foundation, has recognized that many of its safety net clinic grantees do not currently have the capacity to succeed in the new health care environment of increased access and greater accountability. The Foundation engaged JSI to conduct an operational assessment of two select safety net clinics in Colorado and assist the clinics with developing and implementing startegies for future sustainability.

JSI implemented customized interview tools to assess the operational capacity of each safety net clinic, and the most pressing needs/deficits related to practice transformation necessary for sustainability. Additionally, JSI developed a customized road map in conjunction with each clinic to address these needs/deficits and prioritize cost effective strategies for improving the clinics' competencies in the areas most relevant to sustainability.

The project initially focused on Colorado's most vulnerable safety net clinics. Subsequently, Caring for Colorado hopes to continue the project over the long term and, ultimately, assist all safety net clinics that would like to benefit from the process.