Second Chances Act Demonstration Project

Dates: 2012

State: New Hampshire

Client(s): New Hampshire Department of Justice

Service: Applied Research & Evaluation

Technical Expertise: Population Health, Integrated Care Models

Ninety-five percent of all offenders incarcerated today will eventually be released and will return to communities. The Second Chance Act provides a comprehensive response to the increasing number of incarcerated adults who are released from prisons and jails returning to communities.

The Second Chance Act Programs are designed to help communities develop and implement comprehensive and collaborative strategies that address the challenges posed by offender reentry and recidivism reduction. “Reentry” is not a specific program, but rather a process that starts at least 30-days prior to release and ends when the offender has been successfully reintegrated in his or her community as a law-abiding citizen.

The New Hampshire Department of Justice is implementing the Second Chances Act Demonstration Project and is performing a retrospective process evaluation to gain a better understanding of how the project was implemented as well as any modifications made during the implementation. JSI was contracted to perform this retrospective evaluation making use of qualitative data collection strategies, such as key informant interview, as well as the data collection systems and tools put into place during the program implementation.