Our JSI/California office shares JSI's philosophy, mission, and values: in all of our work, we are driven by a commitment to improving the health of individuals and communities, with a particular focus on underserved and vulnerable populations. For further information about all of JSI's work around the country, please explore our U.S. services, areas of technical expertise, and projects.

JSI California’s team is a dedicated group of health policy and public health professionals. We employ innovative approaches that are based on evidence and emerging practice and meaningfully engage stakeholders. We work collaboratively with clients to improve health outcomes and advance health equity through the development of sustainable programs and policies.



Health Care Reform
Supporting providers, payers and policymakers in developing policy and payment strategies that incentivize value-based payment and care.

Featured Resource: Project Spotlight: Advancing Payment Reform for Health Centers in California

Safety Net
Working at local, county, state, and national levels on payment reform and practice change that recognize the importance of social determinants of health and support more efficient health systems and improved outcomes.

Featured Resource: Developing Safety-Net Care Management in California: An Opportunity for Whole-Person Care

State and Local Public Health
Working with counties and community-based organizations to advance population health and reduce health disparities through effective communication and evaluation.

Featured Resource: Project Summary: HIV Test? I'm on it! Campaign 2016

Healthy Communities
Aligning multiple strategies and stakeholders to promote health equity and community-level prevention initiatives.

Featured Resource: Accountable Communities for Health: Strategies for Financial Sustainability Report


Making the Business Case for Domestic Violence and Health Care Partnerships  
JSI is collaborating to develop a “business case” for investment in response, mitigation, and prevention strategies to address domestic violence and trauma. The work includes research on health impacts, approaches to effective measurement, and achieving sustainability.

Advancing High Performing Primary Care in California Health Centers  
JSI is working to advance the understanding of care delivery functions and aligned financial and HIT capabilities safety-net practices need to provide high-quality, comprehensive primary care, through illustrating approaches to developing and sharing these functions among clinics and centers.

Developing and Evaluating Santa Clara County's HIV/STD Prevention Social Marketing Campaign  
JSI worked with Santa Clara County Public Health Department to develop, implement, and evaluate two HIV/STD social marketing campaigns: "I’m on It!" (an HIV testing campaign for adults, 18-44 yrs), and an adaptation of "Get Yourself Tested" (a national, youth-focused STD testing campaign from CDC).

Supporting Whole-Person Care Implementation  
JSI conducted research through literature review and key informant interviews in order to produce a series of short reports on priority questions. JSI also engaged with and provided technical and strategic support to local leaders implementing Whole-Person Care initiatives.


  • State and National Foundations
  • Community Health Centers
  • Public Health Departments
  • Health Systems and Health Plans
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • State and National Organizations


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