Protecting Liberia's Borders

The completed triage and isolation area at the Liberia’s Bo Waterside border crossing with Sierra Leone.
In late February, Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced that Liberia’s borders would reopen and the country’s curfew lifted due to the declining number of new Ebola cases. In a statement on her website, President Sirleaf said the Ministry of Health would “ensure the adoption and implementation of health protocols” to prevent the virus from being transmitted across the country's borders.

John Snow, Inc. (JSI) staff are working with the Ministry of Health and communities along Liberia’s borders to institute these health protocols and help prevent the spread of Ebola. The work is being done through JSI’s USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance-funded Infection Prevention Control Activity, which works to ensure that Liberia’s health care workers receive proper training on infection prevention and control (IPC) practices and adequate supplies of personal protection equipment (PPE).

At a border crossing point with Sierra Leone, JSI staff have constructed a health triage and isolation area. JSI training and supervision specialist Galakpai Kolubah has been working very closely with the Grand Cape Mount county health team and JSI implementing partner Global Communities to construct the triage and isolation area at the Bo Waterside border point.

“Working with the county infection prevention and control supervisor and a team from Global Communities, we [constructed] two separate triage points, each with holding rooms for wet and dry patients; a graphic display with images of health worker boots indicating proper patient flow (including a safe zone for health workers); and proper hand washing barrels.

“The aim of this triage setup is to ensure the continued use of PPE by health workers who are assigned to work at border posts. Although the structures are not permanent, they are very necessary at this time.

“Upon completing the triage structures, we were called again to review and make input for ways to make improvements. The triage and isolation area are currently in use and health workers are staffing these and other such border posts,” said Galakpai.

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