Comparte Tu Historia: Capturing the Stories of Cancer Survivors to Address Stigma

Comparte Tu Historia, implemented by JSI and funded by LIVESTRONG, has created a series of videos that feature cancer survivors talking about their experience with having and healing from cancer. These inspiring videos normalize conversations about cancer, show that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence, and illustrate how cancer survivors and those that support them overcome the fear, pain, and stigma of cancer.

These short videos are just four of many inspiring testimonies of cancer survivors who have been filmed by the project in Mexico and South Africa.

Comparte Tu Historia: Silvia

A single mother describes her initial denial upon receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer. Motivated and supported by her children, she learned about, confronted, and treated her illness. "I like to tell people I have cancer so they can see you can live with this." John Snow, Inc., 2011. 2:32 min.

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Comparte Tu Historia: Adair

Adair tells how, as a 22-year old college student, riding his bike to school led him to discover that he had testicular cancer. With support from his doctors, friends, family, and his own creative outlets, Adair today is healthy and very much alive. "I'm fortunate in every way in life." John Snow, Inc., 2011. 2:34 min.

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Comparte Tu Historia: María Elena

When María Elena and her son learned that she had endometrial cancer, they were devastated. But after surgery, hospital staff made sure María Elena got back on her feet and today, María Elena implores other Mexicans to learn about cancer so that they might overcome it. John Snow, Inc., 2011. 2:46 min.

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Comparte Tu Historia: Verónica

Cancer was the cause of death for many people in Verónica's mother's family. So when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she thought she was next. Instead, Verónica and her daughters learned everything they could and came through treatment with a new, healthy, and joyous approach to living. "We were always close. Now we are even closer." John Snow, Inc., 2011. 3:01 min.

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