The What, Who, Why, and How of All-Payer Claims Databases

Download this publicationTo address their need for comprehensive information about health and health care, a growing number of states are developing what are known as all-payer claims databases (APCDs). APCDs are large databases that systematically collect health care claims data from a variety of public and private health care payers. By combining claims data across payers in a given state, APCDs offer a rich source of data on how and where health care dollars are spent. APCDs offer opportunity to assess the health care system within a state from a public health vantage because of the population-based, system-wide clinical, financial, utilization, and demographic data they house.

This four-page brief developed by JSI and sponsored by the Vermont Asthma Program provides public health professionals an overview of APCDs—what they are, which states have APCDs, why they are valuable, how they are being used, and an overview of Vermont’s APCD. JSI/2014.

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