Santa Clara County 2012-2014 Comprehensive HIV Prevention & Care Plan for San José, CA Transitional Grant Area (TGA)

Download this publicationThe San Jose, CA TGA has worked diligently over the course of the HIV epidemic to reduce the number of new infections, improve quality of care and life expectancy for those with HIV or AIDS, and to reduce disparities among groups affected by HIV/AIDS. The 2012-2014 Comprehensive HIV Prevention & Care Plan takes these activities to the next level by using data and evidence-based approaches to select and deploy the most effective strategies for reducing HIV transmission, identifying and linking those infected to care, and ensuring that all subpopulations within the County have access to high-quality prevention and care services. This Comprehensive Plan serves as the roadmap for stakeholders, including Planning Council members, Santa Clara County Public Health Department staff, consumers, and the general public to realize the goals outlined in the Plan and make progress ending the epidemic.

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