Evaluation of the African Youth Alliance Program in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda: Impact on Sexual and Reproductive Health Behavior among Young People: Summary Report

Download this publicationIn 2005, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., to evaluate the impact of The African Youth Alliance (AYA) program. The main objective of the evaluation was to determine whether exposure to AYA's comprehensive, integrated program resulted in improved adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) knowledge, attitudes, and sexual behaviors among male and female youth age 17-22 in areas where AYA worked in Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Results from the evaluation show that a significant number of young people in AYA implementation areas were reached by AYA programs and were able to recall ASRH messages, although the degree of exposure varied by country and by type of intervention. Results further demonstrated a significant positive impact of AYA on several variables, most notably condom use, contraceptive use, partner reduction, and several self-efficacy and knowledge antecedents. Overall, the impact of AYA on ASRH behaviors and their antecedents was greater for young women than for young men, especially in Ghana and Uganda. AYA was implemented from 2000 - 2006 by a unique partnership between the United Nations Population Fund, Pathfinder International, and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health. Tim Williams, Stephanie Mullen, Ali Karim, Jessica Posner, JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., 2007.

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